Challenge #7-Iowa State Fair, a poem

Challenge #7 requires that I write  poem. Honestly, I have never been that great at writing poems, but I’ll give it my best shot. You’ve been warned.writing challenge7

Iowa State Fair

The smells, the sounds, the livestock shows;
The crowds as they rush through the gates;
welcome to the fair of all fairs;
only in Iowa state.

Cotton candy and food on a stick,
are just a few of the delights,
frozen lemonade and deep-fried desserts,
take temptation to whole new heights!

Crowds are entertained by well-knowns, too,
the Grandstand is the place to be;
Def Leppard and The Fray will rock the grounds,
While Carrie and Reba sing a little bit coun-try.

The rides, the food, the fun,the heat;
it all goes hand-in-hand,
And if you travel to the fair this year,
Make sure you see one of these bands.

And don’t forget the Butter Cow,
it’s really a sight to see;
Just one of the many attractions you’ll find,
During the week of Aug. 13.

I know. Not my best. It could very well be my worst. But then, I never said I was good at writing poems.

In any case, take a minute to check out our annual state fair on one of the links. As far as fairs go, it’s pretty standard, but for me, it brings back memories of hot, sticky days when we would seek out the shade. But just for a minute-then we’d be off, seeking out all the excitement the fair had to offer. And now they have deep-fried Milky Ways. Could life get any better?




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