Everyone’s a winner, according to some people

I had a great time at the Oscars.

OK, maybe I wasn’t actually there, but I felt like I was. Ellen DeGeneres made it a point to make everyone feel welcome, as thought they were a part of the celebration. And she did it well. She was really enjoying herself, too. I don’t think anyone really thought she would order pizza, but for those who have seen her afternoon talk show, it really was no surprise that she did.

The best part, though, was when she said there were no losers at the Oscars. And I tend to agree with her. Of course, this is coming from a 50ish midwestern, whose only brush with celebrity-dom was when I attended class with Mariah Carey (Miss Iowa) at Mount Mercy University, and an interview with Courtney Reed, who plays Jasmine in Disney’s Broadway production of “Aladdin.” I also waited on Fred Grandy of Love Boat Fame, and later Iowa Senator, but he doesn’t count because he was rude to me.

So, to make a long story short, anyone who works heard enough to reach celebrity status is a winner to me. But wait. Let me define my idea of “winner,” because it might not be the same for all people.

To me, a winner works hard to make a name for themselves; someone who appreciates and is thankful (Matthew McConaughey) where they are and doesn’t treat everyone else like crap. A winner is someone who doesn’t forget where they come from (Jared Leto) and says please and thank you, takes time to talk to their fans, and is able to laugh at themselves (Jennifer Lawrence).

There was a houseful of winners at the Oscars, and not just those who took home a little statuette. And Ellen wanted everyone to know that.

This year’s Oscars was more than an awards ceremony. It was a celebration; a celebration for all the winners. (Well, not all the winners. I know a few that didn’t get to go. But maybe next year!)

I guess I was a little surprised that I was so entertained. I usually start surfing half-way through the Oscars, but I watched until the very end. Others thought so too, with  reports that the audience for the Academy Awards was the highest it’s been for a decade.

I wonder what that’s says about the way we watch TV.

(Oh yeah, all of my predictions were right except for the Best Picture. After seeing the previews and hearing the stories, I realized that 12 Years a Slave did deserve it.)