Week 5-Where does the time go?

It’s been a busy week, but then, they have all been busy lately.

iMovie 2011-Apple.com

My video lessons are going well; playing with all the iMovie bells and whistles has opened a whole new world for me. If someone would have told me few years ago that I would be shooting and editing my own video, I probably would have laughed at them.

I took a video production class at Kirkwood and had a tough time trying to figure it out. I told myself I probably didn’t need to know anyway, since I was going into print journalism. I had no intention of ever becoming a video geek or get in front of a camera, so it didn’t make sense to worry too much about it.

But it’s apparent that the spectrum of journalism is broadening. Not only do I need to know how to write well, but if I want to keep up with the times, I will have to become multi-media. That means video, websites and social media, whatever it takes to reach those people who have shied away from print news. I know that’s what my professor was thinking when he introduced our class to video and websites this past year.

I was hesitant to learn video because I didn’t understand it; websites, too, for that matter. Now I see that they’re important parts of the success of my newspaper, and there is no way to get around it.  I actually enjoy making videos and working on my website. Who would have thought?

This is a busy weekend for me. It is the highlight of Hiawatha’s social calendar, Hog Wild Days, and I really wanted to be able to post pictures, stories and videos before it’s all done.  Now if I could just learn to manage my time. I’d better get used to it.