Modern Technology

The writing prompt for today is: “What piece of modern technology can you not live without?”

The word that popped out to me is “Modern.” What exactly is considered Modern? It’s a relative term that is different for everyone. what might be modern to a 10-year-old, would most certainly be different to someone who is 87.

So to me, living my 55th year, “modern technology” could mean anything from computers to FitBits.

Let’s go with that.

Computers are a given; they have invaded our society so much that most people would have a difficult time adjusting to life without them. Computers have changed the way we shop, the way we are entertained, the way we live.

Personally, I would have a hard time living without a cellphone. It’s true; I lived a long time without one, but now that I have one, it’d be tough to give it up.

I feel more secure because I know I can rely on my cell phone if my car breaks down (if I remember to charge it), or if I’m going to be late getting home (try and find a pay phone these days), and I can contact my kids if I need them (yeah … right).

I know I could do without it if I had to. But I don’t want to.

I  broke down and bought a cell phone when my kids started buying them. My first was a simple Nokia. That was before texting or computer access, so it really was just a phone. But now I can fill the memory with apps that allow me to watch videos or play games if I get really bored (and now I have a tablet to do that, too!)

I bought an Echo Dot for Jeff for his birthday and soon found myself telling my mini blue tooth speaker to “Turn it up!”

It didn’t of course. It was then that I realized maybe I was becoming too dependent on my electronics. What happened to me? have I become one of those people who texts as they cross a busy street, or looks at their phone more than the person sitting across from them?

No way! But I’m not perfect …

What will happen to us if we wake up someday and find the world has run out of electricity to run all of our fun gadgets? (I think a TV show was created from that concept.)

Maybe we have to treat our electronics like we do any other potential addiction–use in moderation; be aware we have a problem; and learn to manage it responsibly.