Living in the Matrix, or something like it

An online article caught my eye today. The title, “Is Our Universe a Fake?” was intriguing all on its own, but it dealt with a topic that was right up my alley; Science

Robert Lawrence Kuhn is creator, writer and host of “Closer to Truth,” a public television and multimedia program that features the world’s leading thinkers exploring humanity’s deepest questions.

Kuhn asks readers to think about the possibility that our world might be a simulation by another, more advanced, planet, and that our existence could be nothing more than a history lesson or a computer game.

Philosopher Nick Bostrom, director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University,  said it’s like the movie “The Matrix,” except that “instead of having brains in vats that are fed by sensory inputs from a simulator, the brains themselves would also be part of the simulation. It would be one big computer program simulating everything, including human brains down to neurons and synapses.”

The article goes on to suggest that if this was the case, that our world is being simulated, we could actually learn the answer to the ultimate question (what’s life all about?) because of possible miscalculations from the programmer. Those “freaks of nature” could actually be slip-ups by the gamers.

It’s a subject that won’t sit well with some people, who may not have an open mind, but it’s  a subject I have been exploring for quite some time.

Could life really be just a game, where learning life lessons enables us to level up? Or maybe, as one scientist puts it, we could be a science project for a junior high student from another world.

No one really knows why we are here and what happens after we die. No one has ever seen God. And if there is a God, no one knows what He or She looks like, or what God’s intentions are for us. With that being said, how can anyone be 100 percent sure the scientists are wrong?

Right now, all we have is hope and faith to help us deal with life and accept what we know; we are born, we live, we die. Everything else is really anyone’s guess.