Weiner not a winner

The pressure must have gotten to Anthony Weiner.

And why shouldn’t it? If a regular person had sent half-nude pictures of themselves via cell phone, no one would probably even care. But this man is a United States congressman. It makes it an issue for the entire country.

It’s no secret that the behavior of our state representatives has declined in recent years, (or maybe we just didn’t know about it before). The fact that the majority of the country agreed that this act was wrong says something about our values; that it is inappropriate and unacceptable behavior for those who run our country.

Whew. I was beginning to worry a little about that lately. The report last year about the partying that took place at a National convention made me wonder what kind of people run our country.

Well, I’m still not 100 percent sure, but knowing that so many agree with me on this one, helps put it back into perspective.

There are still a few who think that we were way too harsh on the poor schmuck (especially with a name like Weiner-can you imagine his childhood?). Maybe the psychologist on Good Morning America was right when she said that he could suffer from low self-esteem and was looking for ways to raise his confidence.

OK, I can understand that, but why not buy a new suit or get a cool haircut? Get a hobby or do something really cool for humanity. And I do get that male ego. They need to be reaffirmed that they are manly. That’s perfectly fine. Unfortunately, some people just don’t think before they act and get themselves in a whole bunch of trouble they didn’t anticipate.

Poor Weiner. I do feel a little sorry for him. Maybe he should change his name.