Challenge #14-The Register’s Great Bike Ride Across Iowa

My 14th and final Challenge is to write a local news story. It’s 10 minutes to midnight.writing challenge14

RAGBRAI, Iowa’s annual bike ride across the state, is in full swing and unfortunately, there has already been one accident.

A Sioux City , Iowa, woman was arrested Sunday morning after she ran into RAGBRAI riders from Wisconsin, the Cedar Rapids Gazette reported. It happened just as riders were just taking off the first day of the ride. Police officers were controlling an intersection to allow riders to safely leave the area.

The driver of the car went around the barricade and struck a tandem bike ridden by Bruce and Barbara Blair of Hudson, Wisconsin. The woman’s injuries were minor, but the man injured his leg, possibly breaking it.  They were both taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

The driver of the car, Charryse Chavez, 36, was arrested a few blocks away and charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, no insurance, and failure to obey a police officer.