Don’t blame Obama

President Obama Courtesy of

I think Americans are too hard on President Obama.

 I watched a news report this morning on the gas situation and people were blaming Obama for it.

Excuse me, but is he running the oil companies?  Just last week he stood in front of millions of Americans and vowed to come down hard on price gougers and traders who were using this opportunity to make billions of profits, which they already are. But is this the president’s fault?

 Most Americans want the freedom to do whatever they want without the government stepping in and restricting their activities.  Some people are asking, shouldn’t that go for oil companies, too? Aren’t they allowed to make as much money as they can, even at the expense of hard-working Americans? Where do we draw the line?

Obama has had a lot on his plate since he took office in 2009. He’s had to contend with the health care issue, the horrible economy, and the lack of jobs.  He has had to deal with war, and disasters, and the Republicans. How can one man be expected to do it all?  He’s not God.

We wanted change, and as most people know, substantial change doesn’t come quickly. It takes time to set into motion.  When you think about it, we need to change a lot. It doesn’t help that so many people are fighting him on those things that need changing.

I heard a few people on the report say that “No way, am I going to vote for him again.”  But if we don’t re-elect Obama, we might just put someone into office who decides that things need to be done their way, and all the changes that Obama has been trying to do for America will be forgotten.

While there really haven’t been significant changes apparent since he took office, one thing is certain. He has succeeded in breaking the race barrier. Having a black president was probably the one major change that Obama has succeeded at, which just might open the door to a female president one day.

We blame our presidents for everything when they are in office. If we have major catastrophes while they are in office, it’s their fault.  If we enjoy prosperity during a president’s term, they were the best ever.

No one seems to notice that we Americans are more to blame for the disarray of the country than the president. We are constantly fighting each other because we think that we know better because we want it this way or that way.

If we would just work together to find a solution rather than behave like spoiled children, I think we’d be surprised at the results.

It’s true; Obama needs to crack down on the oil companies who are making billions in profits. America’s spending needs to be cut and more jobs need to be created. But the negativity that surrounds are politics just creates more negativity, making it impossible to come to a workable solution. We need to support our president instead of questioning and fighting his decisions. We need to keep the faith and trust that he is still the best man for the job.