Go Where Pokemon … Goes

I resisted. I really did. And then my grandson, Thomas, sucked me in. It’s that simple.

But as interesting and fun as Pokemon Go sounds, there is no way I have time to fully commit to the game (because it sounds like you kind of have to). I can just see me shirking all my other duties just to join the teeny-boppers down in Green Square at 3 in the morning. (who, by the way, are displacing the homeless because of the game, according to a recent Gazette article).

My boss was the one who introduced me to the game when she started playing it a few weeks ago. “Have you heard about that new video game? Everyone’s playing!” she told me excitedly. “I even found one here in Czech Village!”

No, I told her. I hadn’t heard. But it wasn’t long before I got tired of hearing about it. I am not a follower, a fad-ist, or whatever you want to call it. I don’t do something just because someone else is doing it. Or I try not to, anyway. But sometimes I find myself, through no fault of myself, being sucked in, just like I did today.

Thomas and I went to the Hiawatha Farmers Market this morning. After we bought some tomatoes and peppers, Thomas looked at his phone and turned to me. “Can we go to the park? It says there some over by the park sign!”

What great luck that the farmers market was in the park’s parking lot! ┬áThomas tried to explain the game and catch them as we walked through the park, but I could tell it was hard for him to play and explain at the same time, especially since the Pokemon terms were hard to understand if you didn’t know much about the game to begin with.

The game does have a good side; it gets people out walking. We covered the entire park in less than 20 minutes, and it’s a good-size park. But still, I didn’t think I would get anything else done if I started playing.

Pokemon Go reminds me of Farmville, where you had to visit the farm every day and feed your animals or tend your garden. If you missed a few days, your crops died and you missed out on the rewards.

I have a feeling that’s what happens in Pokemon Go, too.