Opening our minds to a better understanding

We have been subjected to negative ads for months, with presidential candidates trashing their opponents and twisting the truth into what they want it to be.

If you can look past the immature games and look deeper at the true character of the candidates, you will see a distinct difference, and it is dividing the country into what people believe is right or wrong.

Obama followers appear to be more compassionate, empathetic, and want everyone to get along.

Romney followers see those traits as a weakness and are more interested in running the country as a business, rather than focusing on the well-being of the people who live here.

There is nothing wrong with either position; it’s a reflection of who you are and how you see the world.

If you believe that we all need to do our part to help take care of others less fortunate and social programs are important in which to do that, you are probably an Obama fan.

If your focus is more on the finances of the country and finding a way to make the government run more like a business,  you might be a Romney follower.

There is nothing wrong with either position.  However, we need to stop seeing things as all-or-nothing and understand that each candidate does have some good points.

Both candidates want to create more jobs, reduce the debt, and put America back on top. The only difference is how they propose to do that.

The presidential debate will be interesting, to say the least. But I think we should all keep an open mind, listen to what each candidate has to say, and try to understand why they feel as they do.

Being able to open your mind not only eases the negativity that surrounds the differences that are created in life, but it also enables a line of communication that wasn’t there before, which is the first step in solving any problem.

State of the Union Address not what it used to be

According to Reuters, approximately 38 million Americans watched President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address on TV Tuesday night. That number was down from his previous address in 2010, when 43 million watched.

Maybe less people are watching because they aren’t interested in what he has to say, or maybe they had better things to do. But I really think that the reason they didn’t watch is because many Americans have lost faith in their government.

No doubt many are convinced that all politicians are conniving hypocrites who have their own agenda, so why bother listening to yet another boring dialogue that won’t matter a week from now?

Politicians have acquired a bad reputation, and even our own president doesn’t get the respect he deserves. But it’s because there are so many bad eggs in our government that everyone else gets stereotyped and Americans don’t trust them.

I listened to the president’s speech with guarded enthusiasm, as he highlighted what he wanted to do with what’s left of his term (assuming he loses the next election).

According to Paul Kane of the Washington Post, Obama commented, “Most Americans are thinking the same thing right now: Nothing will get done this year.” And maybe nothing will but has anything really gotten done since he’s been in office?

Don’t get me wrong. I like the guy. He has very good intentions but someone always gets in his way. Of course, there are going to be people who don’t agree with his policies, but that’s why we need to work together to come up with a solution, not fight with each other every chance we get.

Is anyone really surprised that Obama hasn’t been able to get anything done?

Speaker of the House John Boehner sat behind the president with a scowl etched on his face and didn’t show any kind of emotion when the president talked about how we can work together to make things happen. He was probably already plotting how he could railroad the president’s plans while he spoke.

And, according to an article by Chris Moody, Republicans were reeling from Obama’s suggestion that states ban kids from dropping out of high school. The Republicans said that Obama had no right to tell those kids what they could or couldn’t do.

“That’s none of his business!” said Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee while speaking to reporters after the speech. “He’s not a principal! He’s not a public school teacher! He’s not a governor, he’s not a mayor. These are matters for state and local government.”


What’s wrong with wanting to give our kids a little tough love?

Everyone has their opinions, and I respect that. But I think that some people just like to fight.

I think the president really wants to do the right thing, but no one has given him the chance. Four years later and we’re no further than we were when he was voted in.

I still say that it’s not all his fault. After all, he is only one man.

Gotta give him credit for trying

OK, so politics are not my forte. I’ve accepted that. I try not to rant and rave in my editorials about how bad I think our government officials are, and try desperately not to become disillusioned with something that has been the norm for almost 240 years.

With that being said…..

Have you ever been to the US Debt Clock website? It provides information about some of the most interesting things. It shows the National Debt and the unofficial number of the unemployed in the United States; the number of people in the work force and how many people are on food stamps; how many people are retired and how many families there are in the US.

The site lets you go back to the years 2000, 2004, and 2008, and even makes projections for 2015. It’s interesting to see that the debt has only risen approximately $2 trillion in each of those four years, but skyrockets from 2008-2011 by  $5 trillion.

After seeing the numbers, the first question I had was, why did it go up so much in three years? What are we spending our money on? Does everything cost that much more today than it did three years ago? Who is in charge of the books?

I was also appalled by the number of the unemployed. The site gives an “official” number of the unemployed, but also has a number for “actual.” The numbers are astounding and it also makes me wonder why so many people are out of work. Is it because they really can’t find a job, or just choose not to work?

It’s ridiculous (and a bit sad) that not one person in our entire country can come up with a workable plan to stabilize our economy. I think some have tried, but trying to get the majority to agree on anything seems next to impossible.

Sorry Obama; You had good intentions but you had too many people against you from the beginning. Instead of helping you, they fought against you, making it that much more difficult to get anything done. It didn’t help matters that the House changed hands while you were in office.

I, for one, applaude you for trying.

America, I beg you; please think about who we are selecting to run our country. Let’s make it a law that our elected officials can’t make a career out of sitting behind their desks in Washington and make choices for the country according to their own agendas. We need to set the term limit for elected officials to only two, instead of the decades that some are trying to get away with.

We need to look past the false promises and fake personas that make up our elections and really take note of who our future leaders are and what they stand for. Let’s not choose someone because of their speech writer’s knack for stirring the emotions inside of us. Really dig deep and make these people accountable.

We have to. Our future depends on it. Our children and grandchildren’s future depends on it.

It worries me to see certain people talking about running for the presidency who don’t really have a clue about what America is about. I get the impression that they are doing it for the glory, the power, and the White House dishes. We need a president who can take America by the B*&#s and whip it back into shape!

The next election isn’t for another year and a half, but it’s already starting. If we choose to go with another president, I hope we choose wisely. I think if Obama had more support, he could have gotten a lot more done. But then, he still has time to turn this around.

The clock is ticking….

Don’t blame Obama

President Obama Courtesy of

I think Americans are too hard on President Obama.

 I watched a news report this morning on the gas situation and people were blaming Obama for it.

Excuse me, but is he running the oil companies?  Just last week he stood in front of millions of Americans and vowed to come down hard on price gougers and traders who were using this opportunity to make billions of profits, which they already are. But is this the president’s fault?

 Most Americans want the freedom to do whatever they want without the government stepping in and restricting their activities.  Some people are asking, shouldn’t that go for oil companies, too? Aren’t they allowed to make as much money as they can, even at the expense of hard-working Americans? Where do we draw the line?

Obama has had a lot on his plate since he took office in 2009. He’s had to contend with the health care issue, the horrible economy, and the lack of jobs.  He has had to deal with war, and disasters, and the Republicans. How can one man be expected to do it all?  He’s not God.

We wanted change, and as most people know, substantial change doesn’t come quickly. It takes time to set into motion.  When you think about it, we need to change a lot. It doesn’t help that so many people are fighting him on those things that need changing.

I heard a few people on the report say that “No way, am I going to vote for him again.”  But if we don’t re-elect Obama, we might just put someone into office who decides that things need to be done their way, and all the changes that Obama has been trying to do for America will be forgotten.

While there really haven’t been significant changes apparent since he took office, one thing is certain. He has succeeded in breaking the race barrier. Having a black president was probably the one major change that Obama has succeeded at, which just might open the door to a female president one day.

We blame our presidents for everything when they are in office. If we have major catastrophes while they are in office, it’s their fault.  If we enjoy prosperity during a president’s term, they were the best ever.

No one seems to notice that we Americans are more to blame for the disarray of the country than the president. We are constantly fighting each other because we think that we know better because we want it this way or that way.

If we would just work together to find a solution rather than behave like spoiled children, I think we’d be surprised at the results.

It’s true; Obama needs to crack down on the oil companies who are making billions in profits. America’s spending needs to be cut and more jobs need to be created. But the negativity that surrounds are politics just creates more negativity, making it impossible to come to a workable solution. We need to support our president instead of questioning and fighting his decisions. We need to keep the faith and trust that he is still the best man for the job.