I love a challenge

I love a challenge. My entire world revolves around those daily random occurrences that challenge my sanity. But I have to admit, as twisted as it sounds, I do get a thrill out of it.writing challenge

Though there were countless times I wanted to throw in the towel and admit myself to the psych ward, I was able to keep going to complete my challenges.

It wasn’t always pretty, but I became good at it. I imagined that it was a game; to see how far I could push myself before I reached my limit and broke down, which, thankfully, didn’t happen. But I did learn a lot from the process, and I’m ready to see exactly what this writer is made of.

Which brings me to this blog post.

Scrolling through Facebook today, I saw an image someone posted titled, “Writing Challenge” (see photo). All I had to do was see the word “challenge,” and I was hooked. It inspired me to challenge myself to finish all 14 tasks. And just to make it interesting, I’m giving myself only a month to complete.

What better way to celebrate my father, who was also a writer, as well as celebrate the day of summer?