What will it take to make a difference?

The American people are unhappy. So unhappy, in fact, that they have dismissed their jobs, their school, and their families so they can participate in a protest that names the government as being too corporate.

Wall Street-Photo by Michael Daddino

The Occupy Wall Street movement, now into its 4th week, is beginning to influence other states, as well.

The group took a stand to protest against “the use of corporate money to create government policies that ‘abuse’ poor, elderly, sick and young people; pollute the environment; ‘force’ people to go into debt to pay medical bills and get an education; kill people in ‘imperial’ wars; and repossess or foreclose on their houses,” according to Peter Cohan of Forbes magazine.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the protestors were creating a public health situation and told of his plans to have it cleaned up. However, during the overnight hours, the protestors worked feverishly to clean up the mess that was created by the crowd and the mayor told the media this morning that he would postpone the scheduled clean up.

It was also reported by ABC than the protestors feared they would be forcibly removed from their space, ending their efforts to raise awareness. They were relieved to find out that they would be given more time to make their political statement.

Though there have been movements such as these in the past, many of them fizzle out within a few weeks. I for one would like to see it go further and make our politicians accountable for their actions.

However, there are two sides to every story. Cohan said in his article that he doesn’t think corporate government should be ended, but mended. Because, according to Cohan, “Corporations provide many benefits to society.”

It’s true that corporations have helped our country in the past, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. The government has gone to the extreme, putting corporations ahead of the American people. The battle in Washington seems to have more to do with taking care of corporations rather than the needs of the people.

I applaud the people standing up for what they believe in.  We all need to become more involved and offer our support when we can. If we don’t, this may be one of those movements that is over before it really gets started.

To learn more about this movement or how to get involved, visit their website at http://occupywallst.org/.