Some reality shows are actually good

I am not a fan of reality shows. I have enough drama in my life…why would I want to watch someone else’s? I have to admit, though, that there are some shows that shouldn’t be put into the same category at “The Kardashians” or “Jersey Shore.”

Kurt Warner, host of "The Moment."

Kurt Warner, host of “The Moment.”

There are one or two that I can actually sit down and watch without wanting to throw something at the TV. “The Moment,”  on USA Friday nights is hosted by retired football player, Kurt Warner, and one show that I actually enjoyed. The show gives people a second chance to complete dreams they may have started but for some reason, were unable to finish.

My son and I were invited to watch the final showing of the series last night at Regis Middle School in Cedar Rapids. Storms threatened in the distance, but we took a chance and joined approximately 50 others who were just as anxious to see the finale and a chance to meet the executive producer of the show, Charlie Ebersol. After the show, Charlie answered questions about the show and his other projects, including his work with Ron Howard during the production of another reality show, “The Wanted.” I have seen only a few episodes of “The Moment”  because it’s on kind of late time and on a television station I don’t normally watch.

My son Sean and Charlie Ebersol, executive producer of "The Moment." Photo by Cynthia Petersen

My son, Sean, and Charlie Ebersol, executive producer of “The Moment.” Photo by Cynthia Petersen

In any case, the “Moment” shows I have watched are very heart-warming and I walk away from the show applauding the efforts of these lucky people. Charlie told the audience at Regis that Kurt was chosen as the host of the show because his life paralleled the premise of “The Moment.”

He added that Kurt often commented that he was given a second chance of his own and he was very grateful for that. Kurt was turned down the first time he tried out for the NFL and ended up stocking groceries at Hy-Vee in Cedar Falls. He never gave up on his dream and someone finally gave him a second chance.

After the show, music teachers at Regis were presented with a $4,000 check so they could install air-conditioning at their school. The money was donated by Mediacom and USA.

It’s too bad this show isn’t being given a second chance of its own. Maybe if the show had been put in a better time slot, more people could have benefit from its lessons.