Climate change responsible for increase in allergy symptoms

USA Today reported a few days ago that people who have seasonal allergies are suffering more these days. A doctor in Chicago has been studying the rise in pollen counts for the past year and said he is startled by the results.

Pollen counts have been  on the rise since 1996.

Pollen counts have been on the rise since 1996.

The doctor said that the reason the pollen counts are rising is because of the increased productions of plants, which could be because of the rise in Co2 emissions.

More plants, more pollen. It’s that simple.

But while the increased production of more plants seems like a good thing, according to the article in USA Today, “Though some plants grow more food or flowers as a result, more pollen can spell trouble. Doctors say it’s contributing to a rise in seasonal hay fever and allergic asthma in the USA, where the pollen season has lengthened up to 16 days since 1995. If carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase, they expect allergic conditions probably will worsen, adding to the discomfort of allergy suffers as well as swelling U.S. health care costs.”

Some people still refuse to believe that CO2 emissions are causing a greenhouse effect on our planet, which, in turn, is causing erratic weather patterns and other factors harmful to the Earth’s atmosphere.

This latest article just adds proof to the theory that we need to integrate cleaner energy into our everyday lives more rapidly than we are, and eventually phase CO2 emissions out entirely before we cause irreversible damage to our planet.

What will it take to stop us from polluting our atmosphere with harmful and toxic gases? Isn’t the increasingly extreme weather-the tornadoes, droughts, blizzards, hurricanes-enough to show us that we are sending our world into a tailspin that not end well in our favor?

The article pointed out something else that affects the way we live, something that most people didn’t think of.  Not only will it make us pay the price with our health, but with our wallets, as well.

As I have said before, we have to work together to find a solution. Many of us recycle, and that’s a good start, but it will require dedication to stick with the plan.