Spring is in the air

It was a beautiful day-above freezing and sunny anyway-and I felt a strong need to get out and do something. A walk in the park maybe? Or how about some much-needed ice chipping? (The edges of the driveway were still thick with ice, but I decided the sun would take care of most of that.)

The "Lawn Bott"-Photo by Cynthia Petersen

The “Lawn Bott”-Photo by Cynthia Petersen

I decided instead to take in the home and garden show at Hawkeye Downs. Years ago, Hawkeye Downs was the home of the All Iowa Fair, the highlight of my summers as a kid. Now it’s home to trade shows and summer stock car races-and Bingo.

The home and garden show was what you would expect, but because we’ve had such a hard winter, it was cause for celebration. One of the most beautiful displays was decorated by Peck’s (a local flower shop). Their display was a replica of a garden-a garden I can only dream of-with real flowers, bird baths, garden gnomes, and other lawn ornaments.

Other local businesses had their displays up, too, including College Pro Painter (kids making their way through college painting houses) and Revive Chiropractic, a Marion-based business that boasted a new technique to pinpoint pinched nerves and out-of-whack backs.

The one thing that impressed on a techno level, however, was the Lawn Bott. This little machine is programmed to mow your lawn all by itself. Wires are installed under your lawn and you program it when you want your lawn mowed. All for a mere $2,200-installed. The person manning the display told me that there are 4,000 of the Lawn Botts in the US, but I bet there will be many more in the next few years, and at a lower cost.

What did my fiance have to say about this magnificent machine?

“All it needs is a snow blower attachment.” Typical Iowan.

My son sat for an hour listening to the culinary display person talk about how great his pots and pans are. He sampled some of the cuisine and then he headed for the hot tub displays. I guess I know what interests him.

I had a great time just soaking in all the springtime vibes. Winter may not quite be over, but it’s a sure sign spring is coming.