Even workaholics need a vacation–Week 17

I went on vacation last week…well, sort of.

Grand Mesa

We had a great time, visited with family, saw a few of the sights, but I could never quite get away from work. I guess it’s difficult when my work is also my fun.

The drive over the Rocky Mountains included a lengthy discussion of my marketing and business plan for my newspaper. The trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Garden of the Gods had me taking over 200 pictures because I wanted to get “just the right shot.” But I loved every minute of it.

Meerkat at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

I also learned that an astounding number of trees in Colorado are dying because of a beetle infestation and saw first-hand the devastation it’s causing. As we drove through the mountainous terrain, every other tree was stripped of its pine needles and all that was left was a gray skeleton of a once-healthy pine tree.

Though I’ve been to Colorado a few times in my life, it seems as though there is always more to see. We went to Grand Mesa, where I learned that there are free-range cows that roam around, and the population of the deer in the little town of Cedaredge is almost as much as the number of residents. I also saw my first long-haired Scottish longhorn.

Grizzly Bear, I think his name was Emmett

It was fun, it was short, but it was just right. I have a feeling that once I get busy with running my own paper, vacations will come few and far between.  I guess I will just have to enjoy them that much more.

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