The truth about cell phones

The discussion about the safety of cell phones began some time ago. Concerns about whether cell phones caused cancer spread across the nation, only to be cut short with, “Maybe it does; maybe it doesn’t.”

Does anyone really know?

The answer is, yes and no.

Yes, there is reason to be concerned. No, it has never been proven that using cell phones cause cancer.

Some people believe that those who have died from brain cancer used their cell phones excessively and always held the phone to the same ear.

Others say that studies are inconclusive because massive cell phone use began only 10 years ago and it is too soon to tell.

I am not an expert, nor do I pretend to be. However, after reading a few articles and studies about the subject, it’s safe to say that I agree with some of what they say.

I think it’s pointless to cause panic, but I believe that people who use cell phones should use caution because it has been shown that what we do in our lives may not show up in our systems until years later.

Saccharin, red dye, and hundreds of other carcinogens were not discovered until people already developed cancer and the history of the lifestyles were revealed.

It was pointed out to me that though cell phones do emit radiation, it is less that what is emitted from a microwave and much less than that of an X-ray.

However, if you go around with a cell phone stuck to your head, it really can’t be healthy, any way you look at it. Not just for your physical health, but your mental health as well.

One researcher suggested that people who use their cell phones excessively should switch ears often. Or going one further, switch to a headset instead.

Take a break from your cell phone. Use the land line more, put your phone down and go for a walk, or have an actual  face to face conversation with your friend or loved one.

Many of us find ourselves chained to our cell phones, which is just another reason to take a look at how we use our phones, and change our habits accordingly.

We may not know all the facts about cell phone safety for many years, but just being aware of the potential dangers could help us later in life.