Challenge #6-My Best Friend

Writing about how I feel about someone sounds easy, but I think my sixth challenge might be the writing challenge6hardest yet.  Feelings don’t always translate well in words. Some of the meaning is lost when you try to describe your innermost feelings. I think the trick to writing about feelings is to write in a way that will have most people walking away from the story thinking, “Yeah, I’ve been there…I know how she feels.”

Jeff and I met five years ago, but I feel like I have known him my entire life. He’s my partner, my teacher, my confidant, and my shoulder to cry on.

He’s my best friend.

Jeff makes me feel like I’m the most important person in the world. And for someone like me, who often lacks self-confidence, having someone accept you the way you are and loving you just because you’re you, it’s your very own happily-ever-after.

From the moment I met him, I knew we were destined to be best friends.  It could have been the rose he held in his hand as he walked through the door of the restaurant or the way he held the door open for me. Maybe it was his positive attitude about life or the way his eyes sparkled when he laughed.

But I think it was because he made me feel like I mattered. From the very beginning, he hung on my every word and was genuinely interested in what I had to say.  He made me feel like I was the most important person in the world.

And he still does.

Jeff and I have the kind of friendship that comes only once in a lifetime. We share something that goes beyond understanding, that goes beyond words. We don’t even have to explain how we feel because we already know.

And to him, I am important. Who could ask for anything more?