Winners never cheat (and cheaters never win)

My 5-year-old granddaughter is in kindergarten. She’s learning how to read, write, add numbers, and get along with others. She’s turning into quite a little know-it-all, like many kids her age. But there’s one bad habit that I hope her mom and dad can break her of before it gets out of hand. She cheats.

Cheaters never win--and they get sent to the corner, too! (

Playing games with her last night started out as being fun, but I soon found out that she doesn’t play by the rules.

She didn’t cheat much, and maybe I’m making too much of it, but I found it necessary to point out the game wasn’t supposed to be played that way.

She denied any wrongdoing, so I firmly told her that moving her pegs too many spaces was cheating (I know she can count, because she couldn’t wait to recite her numbers for me).  She kept doing it so I told her I wouldn’t play with her if she kept doing it. So, when she refused, I packed the game up and we watched TV the rest of the night.

Maybe I was a little hard on her, but I just want her to know that it doesn’t pay to cheat, even at Trouble.

I don’t think she’ll turn into a juvenile delinquent, but I do want to teach her to be honest and play by the rules, whether it’s playing a game or participating in life.

I think she knows, too, that she can get away with most anything when it comes to Grandma. But this is where I draw the line.