Happiness or Success?

My writing prompt for today poses the question,“What do you want more out of life? Happiness or Success?”

Success means something different to everyone. But then again, being happy does, too.

Some people believe being successful means having a lot of money, fame, or power. But to me, a successful person is someone who has a pretty good handle on life. And if you have a good attitude and the determination to keep moving forward, being a success can take on a whole new meaning.

I have goals I would like to achieve, such as writing a best-seller, or doing something to change the world. And, by some miracle, if I do achieve these goals, I might be considered a success by some, but what really matters most is how I perceive it.

And honestly, even if I don’t write a best-seller or change the world, I will still see myself as a success.

I am a success because I am happy.


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