NANoWriMo: Halfway There

I’m a little over the half-way mark with my novel. I seriously don’t know how other writers do it. I had to put most everything I could on hold while I write this novel. There are  important things that come up during the day, which I can’t ignore. Work and other obligations are a priority, which leaves little or no time to write.

I’m not making excuses. If anything, this experience has given me a front-row seat of someone who writes for a living, authors like Stephen King, Sandra Brown, and James Patterson probably crank out a book a month. Bravo to them for being able to sit in one spot for eight hours or more and write continuously without getting distracted.

I love to write, but like a lot of things, if I had to do it for a living, would I enjoy it as much?

Right now, I’m behind about 3,000 words. That doesn’t sound like much, but couple it with the 1,700 words I am supposed to write each day, I am struggling to make my goal.

I’m still confident I can make it. What it will probably come down to, is finishing it up the last few days. Because I may not be great at sitting still, but I am awesome at deadlines.


An Excerpt from The Edge of Eternity

Robbie set his alarm for 1:45, which would give him time to get to Eddie’s by 2. He was disoriented when he woke up, and almost turned the alarm off without thinking. But then he sat upright in his bed, remembering the mission.

He threw on his coat and opened the window. He crawled out on the roof and shimmied down the drain spout, falling the last two feet. Snow was starting to fall as he walked down his quiet street. When he got to Eddie’s, he saw a light still on in the living room. As he got closer, he saw someone passed out in the chair in front of the TV.

“Pssst …. Over here,” he heard someone say from the side of the house. Robbie went around the corner and saw Simon standing with the side door opened. He put his finger to his lips and held the door open for Robbie until he stepped inside.

“My dad’s asleep in the front room, but he might wake up. Make it quick.”
Robbie tiptoed upstairs to Eddie and Simon’s room, and went to the edge of Eddie’s bed. He pulled out the piece of paper with the words of the incantation written on it, and whispered the words, as he held the mirror up.

Eddie was laying on his side, breathing heavily, dead to the world. Drool was dripping from his opened mouth. Robbie held the mirror up to Eddie’s face and waited. All he could see was Eddie’s reflection, but then another image slowly came to the mirror. It was a faint outline, but he could tell it was Brody. The mirror changed back and forth from Brody, to Eddie.

Eddie snort and rolled over, making Robbie lose his balance. He caught himself before he hit the floor, but he had everything he needed. He passed Simon on the way downstairs and murmured, “Thanks ….”

Simon followed Robbie outside. “Did you find anything out?” Simon asked him, as he pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket.
Robbie nodded and pulled his collar up and zipped his coat. The snow was starting to come down even harder than before. He rubbed his hands and blew on them to warm them up.

“He’s in there. They both are. I saw something else, too but I couldn’t quite make it out.”
“What were they doing? I mean, what exactly did you see?”

Simon took a long drag off his cigarette. Robbie was mesmerized by the glowing ember. He became focused again and answered, “Well, at first it was Brody’s reflection, and then Eddies, and then there was a kind of fog… and I thought that as it, but I saw a figure in the background. It was really creepy, man.”

Simon nodded and exhaled the smoke. He bent over and put the cigarette out and put the butt in his pocket to hide the evidence.

“So, what now?”

Robbie sighed. “I gotta go tell Nancy. She’ll know what to do.”



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