The Witchless Kitten

Illustration by Scott Dolash









This past weekend, I was feeling a little creative and wrote a short story for my grandchildren in honor of one of my favorite holidays. The above illustration was done by my friend, and local artist, Scott Dolash.

The Witcheless Kitten

Once there was a kitten, who lived with his mother and brothers and sisters in a witch’s house. He was a very nice kitten and could catch mice better than any other cats around.

He had many, many brothers and sisters, who all grew up to become witch cats.
When the kittens were old enough to leave home, the witch’s friends came by to visit and to pick out a kitten. Soon, all of his brothers and sisters found homes with all the witch’s friends, except for him.

“He’s a funny color,” he heard one of the witches say.

“And he’s so tiny,” said another.

It was true; he was more brown, than black (all the witches wanted black cats), and he was the runt of the litter. But he was fast! He wished he could tell them that, but all he could do was meow quietly, as they walked by.

He was very sad. His mother and his mistress witch tried to cheer him up by telling him to be patient. “Someone will come by soon. You’ll see.”

But days passed, and the kitten began to give up hope of ever finding a witch of his own.

Then one day while he was outside playing in the yard, a little girl walked by. She stopped to pet him. “What a nice kitty you are!” she exclaimed.

The kitten liked that! He started purring and rubbing up against her leg. And when she bent down to pick him up, he didn’t try to get away like the other kittens did. He liked being held.

When the witch came outside to see what he was doing, the little girl became frightened and started to run away, but the witch smiled and called out for her to stay and chat.

“You don’t have to be afraid. I am a good witch,” she told her.

The little girl stayed and told the witch she lived on the other side of the hill. “Can I please come back and play with the kitten?”

“Of course, come anytime,” she told her. The little girl gave the kitten a hug and waved goodbye as she walked over the hill.

That night, the kitten told his mother all about how the little girl held him and how much he liked it.

“But she is not a witch, and we are witch cats,” he said sadly. “How I wish she was a witch, then I could go home with her!”

His mother smiled. “You really liked her, didn’t you? Well, it doesn’t matter to me if she is a witch or not. All that matters is that you are happy. If she comes back tomorrow, and you still want to go home with her, I won’t mind. I will miss you, but it will mean more to me that you are happy.”

The kitten was very excited and waited all day for the little girl to come by. It became late and the little girl didn’t come. He became very sad.

All of a sudden, he heard the little girl singing. He ran to the edge of the yard and saw her come over the hill. She smiled and ran to the kitten when she saw him sitting in the yard. She scooped him up in her arms and hugged him. He purred happily.

The witch looked out her window and saw the little girl holding the kitten. She went outside and told her, “The kitten likes you. You can take him home if you promise to take good care of him.”

“Oh yes, I will! Thank you!” she told the witch as she held the kitten close and skipped home.

That night, as the little girl snuggled with the kitten, he thought about his brothers and sisters and hoped they were happy with their witches. Because he was just as happy without one.

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