It is a laughing matter

Facebook has reported that a study was conducted in May that shows the acronym LOL (laugh out loud) has gone the wayside, and using “haha” or even “hehe” along with emojis (the little faces that show what emotion you might be feeling at that moment) is much more popular, and according to one source, “way cooler.”graphics-lol-358887

I’m sorry, but I don’t really care if my statuses on Facebook are politically correct (unless it’s about politics), and I will continue to use LOL whenever I feel like it.

Will I be banished because I prefer the LOL over hehe or haha (which I use sometimes anyway, when the mood strikes me.)  At least I don’t use the vulgar OMFG or LMFAO  (my mother would be horrified) like my own kids do. (Do they not know I know what they’re saying?)

Maybe this is just another pitiful attempt to control the masses. Maybe the techs at Facebook are bored with their monotonous lives and sit around trying to come up with creative challenges for each other.

“I bet you can’t make millions of people stop using LOL….”

“Betchya I can.” 🙂 (LOLOLOLOL)



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