Challenge #11-Oops

How could I miss # 11? It’s the one where I write about what’s on my mind.  It’s 11 o’clock at night. After working 13 hours, the only thing that’s on my mind is sleep. But there is something else…writing challenge11

Have you ever heard of Flipboard? It’s pretty cool. You get to make your own magazine. Well, actually, it’s a collection of articles about subjects you want to read about. You get to choose various topics and the computer finds them for you and puts them all in one place.

I heard about it when I attended a workshop to learn all about Hootsuite, which is kind of like a dashboard for your social media. It’s great for people who use a variety of social media platforms for their organizations.

As I was looking through my flipboard, I came across the extraterrestrial folder and came upon this video of an “alien.”  Another shows a different alien scaling a building.

Is it real, or not? It reminds me of something the Enquirer might try to convince is rea.  I suppose anything is possible, but we should be careful not to believe everything we see on the internet. I guess I’m going to have to have more proof, like seeing them outside my door.

I have other, more legitimate articles on my flipboard, which I can post to my business’ social media pages and get ideas for blogs. It’s amazing the things I’ve learned so far, like the scientist who found out he was a psychopath (and it changed his life forever.)



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