Challenge #10-A letter to my future self

I’ve thought a lot about my future recently, so fulfilling Challenge 10 should be a snap. It’s asking me to write a letter to my future self. If you look back, my very first blog post was a letter to my younger self, which only reinforced what I had learned since then. The message I received and do my best to pass on is, “It does get better.” Life can be very hard when you’re just starting out. And sometimes you feel so overwhelmed you make impulsive and unhealthy choices. But that’s okay, that’s how we learn.writing challenge10

Dear Cindy,

I’m can’t imagine my life being any better than it already is, but I suppose there’s always room for improvement. A few things you should remember, though, for when your memory starts to go the wayside are:

-Don’t forget where you came from. It’s easy for me to say now that I won’t forget what it took for me to get here, but I know from experience that we tend to relax, get comfortable, and rest on our laurels.

-Be nice, even when people are grouchy. Remember what it was like to be their age. Life’s hard. The only reason it’s easier for us is that we’ve lived through it. We know what happens. We went through hell and lived to tell about it. Not that anyone will listen.

-Don’t turn into a crotchety old lady, who no one wants to be around. Some people play the victim thinking it gives them the attention they seek, but that’s not true. People lose respect for you and avoid you.

-Remember that you don’t have to do what people want you too all the time. Doing too much for people might be keeping them from learning the lessons they need to learn to move forward.

-Don’t resent the people who have busy lives. If your kids and grandkids can’t come to visit, don’t take it personal. Besides, I think when people are too dependent on you, it will be harder for them when you leave.

-Find a hobby you love so you aren’t just sitting around. Just because you can’t do things you used to do doesn’t mean you still can’t contribute. And when you retire, don’t give up. Get out and enjoy life.

No one knows what the future holds. And maybe I don’t want to know. That might take all the fun out of it.





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