Challenge #4-Ranting is not a solution

My fourth challenge requires me to write a rant about something, so I have chosen to write about ranting.

Everyone rants. To reach Nirvana, a spiritual place where there is no chaos, only eternal peace, is something we all strive for, but unfortunately, not many reach. Complaining about the plight of the world is wired into our psyches, because, let’s face it, we are a complaining society.writing challenge4

Discord fills the airwaves on a daily basis. From violence, hunger and racism, to corruption in the government and global warming, we are constantly complaining about something.

But wait-don’t we have a right to state our opinions? Don’t we get credit for standing up to for what we believe in?

Of course we do! But when someone complains without offering a solution, what’s the point?

People complain about how horrible their lives are, but they don’t do anything to make it better. They argue about the government and the homeless and global warming and the rise in violence and cost of living. They argue until they drive themselves, and everyone around them, crazy. But as soon as you ask, “What are you gonna do about it?” they become silent.

It seems as though some people think that if they complain enough, something will change. But it doesn’t work that way.  Negativity is contagious. When we are negative, others tend to become negative, too.  By turning it around and offering a solution, your attitude will naturally change to a positive one.

Sometimes it’s just better to keep the complaints to yourself. Remember what we learned when we were little? “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”








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