Wacky winter weather (in Iowa)

We all need a sense of humor when it comes to the weather. (Calvin & Hobbes-Bill Watterson calvinhobbesdaily)

We all need a sense of humor when it comes to the weather. (Calvin & Hobbes-Bill Watterson calvinhobbesdaily)

It’s no secret that Iowa weather is wacky.

In my 50 years living here, I have pretty much seen it all. It doesn’t faze me anymore when it’s 50 degrees in January one day and then drops to below zero the next.

It isn’t just here in Iowa, but we seem to take it more personal. It’s become a running joke with us: “Don’t like the weather in Iowa? Wait a bit; it’ll change.”

Jeff Foxworthy has even made up jokes about our wonderful states. “If you have worn shorts and a parka in the same day…you might live in Iowa.”

But let’s get serious. Is Iowa weather more wacky than other states?

The Polar Vortex has its grips on the mid-section of the country. The northeastern states has gotten ungodly amounts of snow. And what about the South? They had tornadoes in December. As we speak, the west is dealing with extreme drought.

It seems as though the entire country is dealing with some form of extreme weather.

But at least there is an end in sight; it’s only 51 days until spring (as I’m writing this). And while I’m curious about the kind of spring Iowa will have, I would rather not try to predict it. It’s too risky, and I’m usually wrong.

And I’m not sure I want to believe the Farmer’s Almanac either, because they call for Jan. 25-31 to be mild, with rain and snow. Temperature’s tonight will be below zero with dangerous windchills of close to 30 below! Rain? I don’t think so.

Last year summer began in March. The above average temperatures (80+) were just the beginning of a very hot and dry summer. I remember hearing someone say they wouldn’t complain about how cold it got this winter.How soon we forget.

 Could the wacky weather be the result of climate change? Many scientists believe it is; others think it’s simply  a changing weather pattern that comes around every 20 years or so. 

Iowa has had strange weather for as long as I can remember. And I have found that the best way to deal with Iowa weather is to accept it and adapt to it.

If it’s cold, wear a coat. If it’s raining, use an umbrella. If you see a tornado, seek shelter. And if it’s hot, sip a cold beverage or go swimming.

It really is that simple.

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