Anyone can be a gardener…can’t they?

It’s true.

My tomato seeds, four days old

My tomato seeds, four days old

Anyone can be a gardener, even someone like me, who has accepted my lack of green-thumbery with grace.

I stopped by Dollar General Tuesday after work to pick up a few notebooks. I happened to walk through the garden and seasonal aisle and spotted a tomato-growing kit for $1.

Sure, it was only a couple of containers, and I had to buy the dirt, but it was enough to motivate me to buy the kit, take it home, and prepare the containers to set in the sun.

I will say it again; I do not have a green thumb. I like the idea of growing my own veggies, but I am not one to sit in  the sun for hours, weeding, watering, and toiling over a bunch of plants.

I have tried planting gardens, but either the soil was not good, or the animals got to the plants before they had a chance to mature.

I thought about building a raised garden, but decided I would try tomatoes in a small container first to see how dedicated I was. (Kind of like borrowing someone’s dog to see if I can handle being a pet owner.)

I am planning on putting the plants in a larger container when they get big enough, but for now, I am OK with taking care of them on a smaller scale.

Anyone can be a gardener. Put a seed in some dirt, water it once in a while, and set it in the sun. POOF! You’re a gardener.

Just kidding. I don’t really think it’s that easy. I have a lot of respect for people who can spend their time cultivating a vegetable or flower garden. It must take a lot of dedication to encourage these little seeds to take hold and grow into what they were meant to be.

Time will tell.

I’ll be proud if tomatoes really do grow on these plants. And when I pick them, wash them, and finally eat them, I will know that I can grow my own vegetables….if I have to. And you never know. I may find that I really love gardening and plant even more next year.

On the other hand, I may find out that I’d rather just write about them.


  1. I have found that I have yellow thumb, but I do so love all the earth’s green and yellow and orange things. Have decided to sticking to writing for the time being, though. 🙂 Good luck with those tomatoes!


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