Football is just a game …?

I’m not a fan of football. I tried to be once, but I just couldn’t see the point. Sure, it’s a great excuse for a party, but I just don’t get it.

My son is a Hawkeye Fanatic-he owns everything Hawkeye from posters and glasses to sheets and towels.

I understand the game and why guys (and sometimes girls) play it, but the way fans act during football games reminds me a little of an election year; too competitive and quite nasty.

I do follow the Iowa Hawkeyes, probably because my son is Hawkeye-crazy. I’m happy when they win, but I’m not really unhappy when they lose…it’s just a game, right? And just because the Hawkeyes lose a few games is no reason to hate the world.

But I know it affects some people that way. After the Hawkeye’s loss to a central Michigan last Saturday, some people went a little overboard, calling for Hawkeye Coach Kirk Ferentz to resign.(But it wasn’t the first time, nor will it be the last.)

The University of Iowa pays him pretty a hefty salary to coach football–according to, over $3 million a year. And if the university is paying him to win games, he hasn’t been doing his job. (The Hawkeyes lost to rival Iowa State University the week before.)

That’s another thing I don’t understand-so many people work their fingers to the bone to squeeze out a living, and there are pro football players who make millions a year just for throwing a football around three months out of the year.

If I liked football more, would I be able to understand the insanity? Maybe, but I don’t mind being the odd (wo) man out. I have better things to do than to freeze my butt off on a cold stadium bench, or spend hours in bumper to bumper traffic.

Some people like the thrill of Game Day; the tailgating, the frigid temperatures, the camaraderie and the competition.

And even though I don’t, I’ll still cheer the Hawkeyes on, and if they lose, oh well. After all, football is just a game…for most people, anyway.

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