Building Houses for Humanity

I have been following the Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity Home Builder’s Blitz 2012

Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity Home Builder’s Blitz 2012

since I wrote an article about the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (in Cedar Rapids) in March.

I was at the ground-breaking for the two homes in April and have volunteered my talents  whenever possible (mostly in the form of writing and photography, but I can drive a nail or paint a wall if necessary!).

I have done the same for the Habitat for Humanity Women Build at the end of this month, but because of other obligations, won’t be able to participate in the real building of the house.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t do other things.

I’m pretty handy with a hammer. I can rewire a cable (I actually have, out of necessity) and I can paint fairly neatly. But I like to stick to what I do best, and that’s bringing awareness to others through my writing and promoting.

As I wandered around the construction site yesterday (Day 1)I noticed that the houses were progressing nicely. One of the Habitat representatives told me that 96 businesses had contributed in one way or another, but the houses were still on schedule to be completed Friday, when they will be dedicated.

I was amazed at how much they had accomplished in one day! The foundations had already been constructed before the actual build, thanks to many volunteers.  It was really cool to see so many people helping out for such a worthy cause.

I’m anxious to see what progress is made for Day 2.

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