Take time to enjoy life

I spent Saturday with two of my grandchildren. The past few years we have taken a

Thomas and Isabelle

day in April to celebrate our birthdays. Thomas turns 7 today, while Isabelle turned 6 on Monday, They are cousins, born almost a year apart. They are also my two oldest grandchildren, and though I know we aren’t supposed to have favorites, they do hold a special place in my heart because of it.

My daughter, Lori, is also getting married the end of May in Las Vegas. We went out Sunday to pick out her dress. And even though these events put me a little bit behind in my newspaper production for the week, I wouldn’t have missed them for anything.

The bride-to-be

I knew I was going to be busy when I started this venture. However, I also don’t want to become a workaholic. I truly love what I do, but my life is more than that. I have kids, grandkids, my other job, my mother, my boyfriend, and my piano…all the thing I love and am not ready to give up. I think all aspects of my life can co-exist peacefully.

This past weekend was hectic and kind of a blur, but I know that when push comes to shove, I can get the job done. And the paper isn’t half-bad. There are a few typos, but every week it gets better.

Can you imagine what my paper would be like if I had more time to do it? I could even be able to go up against the big newspapers….maybe.

My life didn’t stop just because I decided to start this new project, and I never expected it to. I really believe that once I find a balance, I will be able to enjoy all the parts of my life, without stressing out so much.

I’m getting there, but for now, I’ll just take it a day at a time.


One Comment

  1. Cute post. Balance is important, and grandkids are the bomb. But don’t kid yourself. You ARE going up against the big newspapers …


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