Better luck next time

So I did it. I finally broke my New Year’s resolution. Well, I actually broke it a couple of times before; sort of.

My blogging resolution lasted a month, which was longer than my other resolutions.

I made the resolution that I would write a blog everyday and post at least one a week on Facebook. I wrote everyday, though sometimes it didn’t get posted until late and it showed up on WordPress with the next day’s date. But I was satisfied knowing that I wrote every day, just like I said I would.

However, I wasn’t able to write yesterday and I realized that I won’t be able to commit any longer. I still planning on writing when I can, but the pressure is just too much to write everyday.

I only have 26 days before I send the first issue of my newspaper to print. I’ll be lucky if I get all the articles written that I need to before then.

So, another resolution bites the dust, but I don’t really need a reason to write. It was just a fun challenge for myself. Now I know I can do it. For a month, anyway.

Maybe next time I’ll try for two.


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