Drivers need to have a little more patience

Now that I have to commute, I’m reminded why I hate driving the interstate. people are rude. Not only that, they are not very tolerant or understanding, either.

Coming home yesterday (not even rush hour yet) I happened to be beside two semis who had come up on an exit. they obliged the oncoming cars by turning their signals on and coming over into my lane. No problem. I guess the guy behind me didn’t get it, because he came right up to my tail, and when I tapped the brakes to say, “Hey, back off!” he threw his arms up and stayed where he was.

Of course, I wanted to defend my position, so I threw my arms up too, signifying that there was nothing I could do, a semi was in front of me. Unfortunately, that mad him even more mad and when I finally was able to be over to let this creep by, he roared around me, flipped me the bird, and mouthed something I was sure to understand.

OK, so maybe that only happens once in a while, but it’s still aggravating. I follow the rules, I don’t go more than 5 mph over the speed limit and I get over if someone wants to pass….usually. Sometimes they come up so fast behind me that I don’t see them in time and they get pissed off and come around the right lane, and make a point to slow down and give me the evil eye.

What happens to Iowans demeanor when they get behind the wheel? So many times I hear, “Iowans are the nicest people anywhere.” I believe that, but something changes when they get in their vehicles, they get more cocky or acquire a feeling if invincibility.

Have a little patience, people. Is a few minutes really going to make that much difference? Just be grateful we don’t have the traffic problem that larger cities have. And would it kill you to be a little more understanding? You’re not the only one on the road, and the vehicles may not have feelings, but the drivers do.

And besides, slowing down and being a little more cautious could be the difference between landing in a ditch or arriving safely to your destination.



  1. This is a common problem nowadays. With increasing power in the Engine, people don’t want to drive, they wanna fly. And no matter whose fault it is, they will shout on you. I come across this type of scenario almost everyday.

    The only thing we can do is ignore them. Cause If I start picking a fight with everyone who behaves like that, I would end up standing against whole city.


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