Numismatics more important than people realize

I interviewed someone today who has a Doctorate in Numismatics. I couldn’t even pronounce the word, let alone know what it was.

A $5 gold coin-The price of gold is always changing. It was $1633 an ounce today.

But Brian Fanton, owner of BE’s Coins in Hiawatha, patiently explained to me that a numismatist is someone who studies currency, the history of it and how it affects the world. He also explained how and why certain coins and currency are more valuable than others and why gold has skyrocketed.

But what really amazed me is how much knowledge this man has of coins and currency. He brought out a few gold and silver coins and bills and gave me a quick lesson in numismatics. He even showed me a 10 ounce bar of silver and let me hold it.

“You can tell it’s silver by its ring,” he said, as he dropped a 1921 silver dollar on the desk. Truthfully, I couldn’t really tell the difference, but I’m sure he could.

After all, why would you doubt a doctor of numismatics?



  1. Does he think money as a physical “thing” will continue to exist? We don’t need coins, much, anymore–our worth is now digital data ….


    1. Funny you should ask. He said that people are buying up gold and silver because they don’t trust the government, or the dollar, which is worth only .73 today. Yikes…He suggested I invest in silver, and maybe I will if I ever get any money…lol


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