Everyone should be a server at least once in their lives

I enjoyed being a server. Maybe that’s why I did it for more than 25 years.

No one says, "I want to be wait on people when I grow up." Usually it just happens. (funfamily.cgo.com)


It not only  taught me how to relate to people, but also how to remain calm in a crisis and how to handle five different things at the same time.

Though I liked what I did, there came a time when I wanted to do more with my life. But I’ll never forget the valuable lessons it taught me.

It’s no secret that being a server is hard work. They put up with a lot of grief from the customers, the cooks, and the boss. They have to make sure that the customer is happy from the time they walk through the door, until they leave, and sometimes even that isn’t enough. But most importantly, they have to make sure that the customer wants to come back. Try doing that 10-20 times during a shift, and you will know why being a server builds character.

My fist job as a server was downtown at Armstrong’s, and I hated it. I was 17 and had never worked for tips before. I think the first Saturday I worked, I wanted to throw in the towel, but I didn’t. I got yelled at, I dropped things, the cooks made me cry, but I didn’t give up. Before too long, I got good at it. Then I found that I loved it.

It wasn’t always great. There were days I wanted to walk out. I got a penny one time from a customer because he said that I should have waited on him before I waited on a female customer. Another time, I was the only server, and the whole restaurant filled up. I nearly lost my mind! (I still have an occasional nightmare because of that incident.)

But I am a better person because of my experiences. And I am proud to tell people that I was once a server. For those people who think that a waitress is someone who can’t get a real job, I dare them to try it. I seriously doubt they’ll be able to handle it.


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