You gotta love Iowa

The three big stories of the day included Mitt Romney very narrowly winning the Iowa caucus (by 8 votes) Jan. 3, Michele Bachmann bowing out of the race, and Edith and Carolyn’s adventures to get the Clinton County votes called in to the caucus.

Edith Pfeffer, chairwoman of Clinton County’s Republican Central Committee, fell asleep without calling in the votes for her precinct Tuesday night. Her colleague, Carolyn Tallet, president of the Clinton County Republican Women’s Club, had to go to her house to wake her up, because she wouldn’t answer her phone.

But, better late than never. The votes were tallied up and Edith and Carolyn were instant celebrities.

Diana Sawyer, ABC news anchor, was told the story by George

Stephanopoulos, to which Sawyer chuckled, “You gotta love Iowa.”

Yeah, we do have our own ways of doing things, but we really do have a lot of fun doing them.


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