Winter’s a little late, but that’s OK with me

Growing up in Iowa, I’ve gotten used to the idea that the weather does what it

Iowa already had several inches of snow this time last year. (Photo by Cynthia Petersen)

wants, when it wants, and it doesn’t care who it hurts or how much of an inconvenience it is.

“Don’t like the weather? Wait a few minutes and it’ll change.”

Iowa’s weather has been the butt of many jokes (among others, but that’s another blog).

So far, Iowa, a state known for its bad winters, hasn’t had much snow or cold weather. Actually, it’s been very mild and pleasant. That is, until yesterday, when a cold wind began to blow, and we woke up to frigid temperatures this morning.

And to think, there were people here who complained about our warm and green Christmas Day. How wonderful it was that I could go outside without a coat and play ball with the dog in the middle of winter!

I know there were a lot of children (and some adults) who received sleds and other winter sports equipment for Christmas and are disappointed that they haven’t been able to use it. I feel for them…but not that much.

Iowa has four seasons (sometimes five, depends on who you talk to). And I actually like the changing seasons. However, the winters can be a bit harsh and the season always seems a lot longer than three months. But it’s something we just have to learn to live with.

I think winter is here to stay. So I guess I’ll just put another log on the fire, throw another blanket on the bed, and hibernate until spring.

Let’s face it; we’ve been really lucky and I should be grateful that our winter has held off as long as it has.

After all it’s only 79 days till spring, but I can’t help but count the days.


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