Pausing, for a moment-Week 28

Christmas will be here in less than a week. The gifts are bought and wrapped. The baking is done and delivered. Now I can relax.

My Creation--Probably why I got a B in Graphic Arts

For a moment.

Soon I will begin again, but for this moment, I can relax.

Every year I worry about Christmas. Will I get everything done? Did I forget anything? Will everything go as I planned?

And every year, I don’t get everything done, I forget something, and things don’t go as I planned.

This year, I didn’t worry. I prioritized, managed my time, checked things twice, and got everything done. Plus, I graduated with 5 As and a B.

I am impressed. Not because I received good grades, but because I am becoming an organized, efficient, time manager. (The grades were a nice ending, though.)

I have accomplished something that I have attempted to do practically my whole life; how to be an organized person in an unorganized life. My hard work has paid off.

So, now I can enjoy Christmas, the way it was meant to be enjoyed, surrounded by family, with peace in my heart, and with no worries.

And now I can proceed with my life, and my newspaper, with a lighter load and a more organized spirit.

The Hiawatha Advocate

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