Mind your manners

What happened to good manners?

As I go through my day, I see evidence that good manners just don’t seem to matter as much as they used to.  Yesterday I witnessed two women walking up the university stairs as I was coming out; one had a cell phone stuck to her ear, the other had her hands full; books in one hand and coffee in the other.


I held the door open for them, as I was taught to do, and watched in disbelief as the woman talking on the phone pushed the other woman out of her way so she could get through the door first.  I was stunned. The woman with her arms full turned and thanked me, while the one was long gone, talking even louder as she entered the school.

This was a grown woman. Have we become so self-absorbed that we can’t take the time out to think about the feelings of others?

I was brought up with the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I try to be considerate. I tell people please and thank you, and I apologize when I have done something wrong. I try to help people when I can because that is what I was taught. And so that is the way I raised my own children, and I know they are teaching their children the same.

But I’m not perfect, nor do I expect that from others. But I do expect people to be considerate, because that’s just good manners. We used to be a society that taught that in schools. But even if good manners are no longer taught in schools, isn’t that really up to the parents?

Have we have become a society that has become too busy to take the time out to say thank you or to treat others with respect? But it’s not just about having good manners. It’s also about having a positive attitude. In my opinion, when people know they are appreciated, they feel good.

And that feel good-positive feeling is contagious. Most often, that person is nicer, which generates a positive attitude toward others and so on.

But if that same person is snubbed, they could feel resentment, which could have a negative affect on everyone they come into contact with.

We control how we treat others. We have the power to change the world….with good manners and a positive attitude.

It doesn’t take anymore energy to say thank you than it does to generate a negative attitude. And with the rush of the holiday season upon us, which would you rather practice?

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