In the news-Week 19

It’s been a busy week for news.

The Hiawatha Advocate

The Occupy Wall Street protest in New York has moved west, and has begun to occupy the capital of Iowa. Dozens of protestors were arrested as a result, according to the Des Moines Register and sought to gain permits to occupy space in front of the capitol.

The NBA has announce this morning that the first two weeks of pro basketball games will be suspended due to the breakdown of talks between the teams.

Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s pizza, is rising in the polls and now second behind Mitt Romney. Cain, a Republican, has been using the tagline, “Let’s Get Real,” to lure potential voters into his realm of thinking.

There’s a lot more news, but these are the headlines that many people in Iowa are talking about.

I’m glad to see people standing up for what they believe in. I support their struggle in trying to  wake up the leaders of our government and let them know that we are not happy with the way they are running the government.  They have not been listening to the pleas of the American people, that something needs to be done to lessen the gap that is growing wider between the classes.

I am also worried about the suspension of basketball games in the NBA, but not for the same reason that many sports fans are. I’m worried because the suspension means the loss of millions of dollars in ticket sales and vending sales for the respective cities. More people will be out of work as a result of the suspension. It’s sad to think that athletes have such a crucial hold over our economy, but we have to look at it realistically. Pro sports is a big business. The breakdown of talks came as a result of not being able to agree on the amount of revenue that would be shared with the players. Wow; obviously, they aren’t paid enough. (see above story)

Herman Cain. Well, we’ll see. He’s for small business, and his tagline is great, but I have become leery about political candidates, as I should be.

Week 19 has me analyzing the news more than ever; who, what, when, why, where, and how. Most importantly, I am looking at what news is and what it isn’t, how it is presented, and how I would handle it if I were in the same situation. I am noticing that sensationalism is all around us. Is it good? Is it unethical? Are there too many people in this business just to make a buck?

Sadly, I think many are. Some have sold out to see how high of a rating they can get or how much money they can make. News is news, no matter how it is presented. Unfortunately, the world of journalism is a competitive one.

But closer to home, I’ve been busy with my website, the Hiawatha Advocate. I went to my first Hiawatha city council meeting and got a lot of great information. I wrote a few articles and am getting to know the people of Hiawatha. I visited a few businesses last week and talked to the owners to find out what it is they really want in a community newspaper.

I still have so much to do, but I keep taking that next step forward. My newest challenge seems to be finding time to do it all, but it always seems to work itself out.

I also find that the more I worry, the less productive I am, so it makes perfect sense not to worry so much. I have a lot of faith in what I’m doing. As I have said before, I have never had a bad feeling about. Anxiety, yes, but never a bad feeling.

The Hiawatha Advocate

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