In search of…a pumpkin patch

I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch in Cedar Rapids for a long time. Apparently, it shows. On my quest to take my grandchildren to a pumpkin patch yesterday, I failed at locating even a single one.

Thomas and Makayla at Bever Park

There is a pumpkin patch a little more than 10 miles away in a neighboring little town, but when I checked their website, I found out that the admission price was $11 each.

This price included all ages with a discount for seniors and military personal. Bloomsbury Farms does have a wide assortment of activities; a petting zoo, pumpkin cannon, a corn maze, and hayrack rides. It also had a gift shop and a small train ride for smaller kids, so the money would have been well-spent. However, being an unemployed college student, I just couldn’t justify spending that much on entertainment for a few hours.

So I loaded my tribe into my Cobalt and took them on a journey around Cedar Rapids and Marion in search of a pumpkin patch. I remembered one or two that I used to take my own kids to, but they no longer exist.

We had fun, a great time, in fact. We talked and laughed and told jokes. But we never did find a pumpkin patch.

I almost took them to the Hy-Vee by our house to buy a pumpkin, but I knew it wouldn’t be the same.

We decided to stop at Bever Park to play, which made up for the ever-elusive pumpkin patch. And no outing with Grandma is complete without stopping at the Dairy Queen.

Enjoying a Dairy Queen

So we didn’t find a pumpkin patch. Oh, well; we had a great time anyway. Sometimes it’s more fun to create the adventure as you go.

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