Cheers to you!

Learning to cheer takes lots of practice!

My granddaughters are cheering for the Cedar Rapids J-Hawk’s metro boys football team this year. Isabelle is 5 and her big sister Makayla is 9. Makayla has been in cheerleading before, but this is Isabelle’s first year.

It’s kind of fun watching them get so excited about cheering, but I hope it doesn’t make them forget who they are.  What I mean is, I was one of those girls who really wanted to be a cheerleader, but I didn’t belong to the “right” group in junior high and high school.
I was not rich, or pretty, or popular, and so just didn’t fit into the cheerleading clique. But that didn’t bother me much. It’s just the way it was.
When I became a mother, I made sure my kids knew they could be anything they wanted to be, even a cheerleader. The funny thing was, none of them had any desire to be a cheerleader. They were happy participating in sports or show choir.
Watching my granddaughters learning their cheers reminded me that they, too,  can be anything they want to be and if they want to cheer, that’s great. I just hope they remember who they are and where they come from. It’s been my experience that putting on a pretty little uniform changes some people and I just hope it doesn’t happen to them.
With any luck, I can just keep reminding them of what’s most important. And besides, they have a long way to go before they reach that stage. Who knows? They just might get interested in something else by then.

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