A dry run-Week 10

This week I was given a challenge–to see if I could produce a newspaper in a week. Well, I have done that before, but that’s when I had a staff of 9. But you know me; I love a challenge, so I took it.

What resulted wasn’t half-bad. Actually, I’m pretty proud of myself. I made the deadline, which, in itself is a major feat, considering I had a full-time job and other things to contend with.

Knowing that I couldn’t do all the work myself in a week, I enlisted the help of a couple of my friends. They were happy to oblige and that gave me four articles to use. I also knew I couldn’t put together a 16-page paper and make all the ads and write all the stories myself in a week and so I used fillers, just to see how it would look in the end.

Since this issue will not be sold or even really looked at by too many people, I used a few of my old blog articles and a few of my current web articles. I laid it all out so I could see what I had to work with and get some ideas for when my real first issue comes out in February.

But I didn’t only have to worry about content, I had to make the ads myself. That wasn’t so bad. My summer job as a web ad editor really came in handy. I was able to slap together some fairly decent ads in no time.

Everything I have learned up to this point was put into play. I made a story list, page dummies, handed out the assignments and laid my pages out. I printed the pages out, edited them, and took them to the printer.

As I sat down to my computer, something came over me, and I knew that this is what I am meant to do. It was awesome to see everything I have worked for coming together in one 16-page paper.

I will have challenges; that’s a given. But I still have a few months to smooth the rough edges and come up with a workable template. If I had to put a newspaper out next week, I could.

That’s all I needed to know. Now I can move onto other areas of the newspaper business; getting out and meeting people and businesses in the community. Oh, yeah, and school will be starting soon.

Things are moving along as scheduled and I’m learning a lot. My dad often told me to have patience and  that, “good things come to those who wait.” Maybe this is what he meant.



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