Balancing Act: Week Six … and Seven

It’s summer. I should be spending it going to the pool or taking a much-needed vacation, but I can’t. I have way too much to do. And time is zipping by faster than I want it to.

Taking a moment from my busy life to spend time with Isabelle, my new yard work helper.

I have encountered a few obstacles in my quest to put together a community newspaper, mostly of my own doing. When I was the editor in chief of the Mount Mercy Times, going to school, and working full-time, my life was pretty much planned for me. Now I’m finding that while I still work full-time, I am my own boss and I have to find a way to balance how I spend my time.

I love spending time with my kids and grandkids. It’s my reprieve from a minimum of eight hours a day on the computer, and that’s just during working hours. I spend probably 3-4 more hours on my own time.

In between that time, I have to make time for interviews and cover events for stories I’d like to write. I want to work in the yard and do things around the house that need to be done. My dog deserves some attention, too. How can I do everything I want to do?

One word: BALANCE

I loved the teeter-totter as a kid. But there was a science to it. If there was someone heavier than you on the other side, it just wasn’t any fun. And let’s face it; being off-balance is not fun.

I like an even keel and when something in my life is off-balance, I know it. After a little calculating, I can usually tell if I am devoting too much attention to one thing and then correct whatever it is that’s throwing me off. What I need to do is make a schedule for myself and stick to it (which can be difficult to do when life happens.)

It also comes down to time management. I know it takes me 20 minutes to get to work from my house. I know I can write a blog in 15. I know that my dog will accept 5 minutes of playing ball and that it takes a half hour to weed and water the plants in my yard.

I can do this. I think I just need to make following a schedule a habit. Organization is a challenge for me, but it’s definitely a must. Maybe by becoming organized, the balance will just naturally follow. Let’s hope so anyway.

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