In full bloom

I have stated before that I’ve never had a green thumb. I have tried my hand at raising gardens many time during my lifetime and it’s apparent that I just don’t have the knack to keep anything alive.

Day Lilies, I think

I’ve planted tomatoes only to have them sputter and croak before their tiny blossoms had a chance to burst. My onions grew a little, only to have their growth stunted by a sudden lack of water (what can I say? It was a very dry season). I planted cucumbers and radishes and even corn, but nothing ever produced from the fruits of my labor.

Flowers are no different. I watched my grandmother and mother spend hours planting and replanting flowers every spring, weeding in the hot sun, and thought to myself, is it worth it?

The one time I tried to raise  flower garden, it failed miserably, with only a few stems popping up, but they quickly withered away. I resigned myself to the fact that I didn’t have the green thumb my grandmother did and found it a good excuse not to have to even attempt it. Until now.

This year (maybe it’s old age settling in) I have worked more in the yard than I ever have before. I find serenity in raking and weeding, something I once saw as the worst possible punishment. And I also took the chance planted flowers. I’m happy to say that my hostas are coming along nicely, and even bragged about it, until someone told me that anyone can grow hostas (my ego thanks you) and that they’re more of a filler. Which is fine. I love green.

They will be daisies someday

I also planted flowers from seeds, lots of them. I babied them, watered them, even talked to them,but only 3-4 little plants survived. But they survived. A miracle. I transplanted them into a cute little planter and will do what I have to to see that they bloom. Or not. It’s totally their call.

My petunias are not doing so well, but I blame the heavy rain and location of the planting, next to an eaveless garage. Not so smart on my part, but I will know better next year. Someone suggested I plant perennials, tulips maybe, my favorite. Not a bad idea.Here are a few pictures of flowers I found growing around my mom’s and at my boyfriend’s house.

Whoever said “We all need to stop and smell the roses,” knew what they were talking about.

Very pretty, but can't remember what they're called





  1. I can’t grow a thing to eat either, which is why I’ve switched to flowers. The yellow ones are indeed day lilies. I don’t know the pink ones. By the way, “hasta” is Spanish for “until,” the plant is hosta. I usually Google plant images before naming them in my blog–it’s too easy to make minor errors in names, but in names, there are no minor errors!


    1. That’s funny because I googled hosta and it came up with I had hosta first and then changed it–you’re right though, as I’ve learned, there’s no room for mistakes when it comes to names! Thanks Joe!


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