The Hiawatha Advocate-Week 1

The idea of owning a newspaper has always been at the back of my mind, but it was an idea that never seemed attainable. Going back to school and earning my degree, working on my schools’ newspaper, seeing every new experience as a learning tool; these were all instrumental in getting here, to this place, today.

Today, I’m going after my first story for the Hiawatha Advocate website. It won’t be much, just the summer reading program at the Hiawatha Library, but it represents so much more. This is something I have worked my whole life to achieve. I am making  my dream happen.

I’ve never been someone who does anything by the book (believe me, I’ve tried).  A rebel at heart, I remember always wanting to know, “Why?”  I got used to hearing the old parental standby, “Because I said so.”

But I knew there was more to it and vowed to find the answers myself. As I grew up, that inquisitive spirit never left, and though parenting took a big chuck of my time and energy, I never lost that constant need to question.

Mid-life ascended upon me and I found myself questioning more than just why. I think what and how also played into it. I wasn’t sure about the answers to either, but my search led me on a journey of self-discovery and self-realization. I fought hard to shed the past and create my future. Inside the confusion that was me, I found a true journalist, an editor, a publisher and a business owner.

Getting to this place was not easy, but I’m not a stranger to hard work. I often challenge myself to do more, to push myself to the limit. When I get close to that limit, I back off, but just long enough to regain my foothold.

Sometimes I don’t even think about if I’m doing the right thing; I already know. I trust myself and my instincts and know that even if things don’t always go the way I want them to, all is not lost; I just have to adjust my course.

So here it is; the first day of the Hiawatha Advocate website.  I’m not quite ready for print, but it’s a major step in the right direction. I think I’ll take a minute and enjoy it.



  1. Big heading on your home page, but it’s not a link. The pages look nice, watch out for putting in returns that change the word wrap on other computers.

    Might date stuff on the site–when were the trail photos taken?


  2. You know me, good for plenty of feedback! The site looks really good, it’s exciting to see. Consider putting a link to your blog, at least on the “about” page, if not your home page or even your link bar. And see if you can put a link to your site in your blog, not just in one post. Finally, in the blog, format links so they open in a new tab or window so people don’t leave your blog whenever they hit a link.


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