News in a nutshell

A lot has happened in that past two weeks. I scarcely had the chance to think about the royal wedding before the world was told that Osama Bin Laden was taken down. The next day, local news had a field day when a hydrogen truck blew up at the Duane Arnold Energy Center and a man fell to his death from the federal building under construction in Cedar Rapids.

Through it all, I had interviews to conduct, presentations to present, stories to write, senior projects to piece together, and term papers to research. So, I had to prioritize. My personal agenda came first, of course, but the news of the world weighed heavily on my mind.

So here are my thoughts on some of the happenings in the universe, in a nutshell:

Like many people, I was getting pretty tired of listening to the non-stop dribble of the lives of the British prince William and his lovely fiance, Kate. But then they brought in the memory of Diana, whom I respected because of her love for her children and humanity, and I caved a little. Then they talked about how, in an interview, the  Kate Middleton, the future Duchess of Cambridge said, when asked if she felt lucky dating the prince, replied, “I think he should be lucky to be dating me!” Smart girl.

I also realized that because of their love for tradition, this was probably a really huge deal for them, and probably all they have to look forward to. So I had to cut them some slack.  I was amazed, however, at the media’s respect to leave them alone for their shortened honeymoon. Lucky for them (and us) Bin Laden was killed that very weekend.

My son called late that Sunday night and told me that Bin Laden was dead. Because my son likes to tell stories, I had to turn on the TV to check it out. It sounds kind of silly, but I was in shock to see it and hear it on national television. Finally, after 10 years of hunting this man down, he was hijacked in his own bedroom by our own Navy SEALS.

Like I said, at first it was shock, but then when I saw how many people were celebrating the death of this man, I was kind of sad, sad that a man who had killed so many and was Hell-bent on killing more in the name of his God, was really a pathetic old man on an ego trip. What took so long?  I had to agree with a news skit on Saturday Night Live when the anchor, comedian Seth Meyers, said that the stories kept changing as to how Bin Laden died. He quipped, “No one cares, Guys, we’re just glad you did it.”

Other events, which happened locally, included a man who was thought to have fallen from the Federal building that is under construction downtown. Officials still aren’t sure what happened, but the man was laid off that day, leading those who knew him to believe he may have committed suicide.

And if that wasn’t enough, I got a phone call from my mother who said that 9 news broke in during, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” that said that there had been an explosion at the nuclear plant in Palo. The news channel said that everyone was fine, the truck driver delivering fuel was only slightly injured. It tuned out OK, but still, a very intense few hours.

So it just goes to show you, when it rains, it pours.  An old cliché, maybe used way too much, but very fitting in cases such as these. It’s a reminder that you can’t predict hen real news will happened and you have to be prepared to handle many stories at once, or maybe none at all. I’ve heard of a “slow news day” but what do you call it when you have way too much to cover?

Maybe penning a new term is in order.  How about, an “All Hell breaks loose” day? Oh wait, I think that one’s been used.


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