Disappointed with LOST vote

I’m disappointed that the local option sales tax didn’t get passed. An extra cent on  our sales tax wouldn’t have made much difference alone, but the city really could have used the extra income.  Now where are we going to get the money needed to secure our city from future floods and other rebuilding of the city? Most likely from property taxes.

I know there are many Cedar Rapids residents who don’t care much for this town, but living in for 48 years, I have become quite fond of the crazy quadrants and one way streets. I know the ins and outs, the shortcuts and backways, and the out-of -way spots where I can go to be alone. I love the parks and trails that I can use for free (for now) and the beautiful five seasons. And I was prepared to pay a little extra in my sales tax to take care of it.

I feel a responsibility to my city.  I live here, I work here and I go to school here. It’s really a great place to live but I don’t think everyone sees it that way. I hear people complain all the time about how bad the officials are, how there is nothing to do, and how dirty it looks since the flood. So what are they doing about it besides complaining? Do they have a solution as to how we are supposed to accomplish that? Now that one solution has been suggested, it’s been defeated.

There was a news report on the other night that showed that Grand Forks, North Dakota had been in the same position Cedar Rapids is in before they built their flood wall. Since it was erected, it has saved them not only from flooding but spending huge amounts of money on clean-up, as well. Maybe if more people would have watched that report, they would understand why we needed that extra sales tax.

I just hope the majority knows what it’s doing.

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