Chocolate by any other name, is not the same

Easter candy, a conglomeration of sweetness

My family has many traditions for Easter but one of the most loved is the old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. It started long ago when my mother would fill the eggs with candy and money. I have kept the tradition with my own children and now, my grandchildren.  Three out of the four years we have done this have had to be held inside, the weather just not willing to cooperate.

This year I sat on the floor of my room and filled 100 eggs.  Not nearly as impressive as the 1,000 eggs that Mount Mercy students filled for their egg hunt, but still, for four children, that’s a lot.

As I sat laboriously filling those eggs with chocolates, I sampled one, then two, then before I knew it, the chocolate craze came over me and I found myself sampling one of every kind of chocolate I had. Little Hershey bunnies, Hershey Bliss eggs, Nestle Crunch eggs, Reese’s eggs and cups, Rolos, Russell Stover eggs, Kit Kats, and a variety of mini candy bars lay strewn around my floor.  I felt obligated to try them all, just to make sure they were all up to standard.

Every piece of chocolate I ate was like Heaven, the smooth and sweet chocolate melting in my mouth. That is, until I got to the Crunch eggs. They were a disappointment and tasted a little old. That’s when I decided that not all chocolate is the same.

While it really depends on personal preferences, there are chocolates that just can’t compare to the others. So here are my top five picks for the best chocolates at Easter.

5. Mini candy bars-great if you just wanted a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. Reese’s-Good if you like peanut butter, which I do, but only in small doses.

Peeps-a great alternative to chocolate

3. Hershey’s chocolate-great no matter what


2. Hershey’s Bliss-I always wondered why they chose to create a “better” chocolate, and I’m not sure what the difference is.  Whatever the reason, I would rather have a Bliss than regular Hershey’s any day.  Too bad it’s so expensive.

1.  Russell Stovers-There is no question that this is the best chocolate ever.  Unfortunately, it too, is expensive and is saved for special occasions. Beside, if it was affordable, I would probably want to have it all the time.

I can’t say that I have a favorite Easter candy, because I like a huge variety.  However, for those who aren’t into chocolate, nothing quite beats a Peep.

One Comment

  1. Reese’s is good in small doses–and great in big doses! Too much Reese’s is one of those theoretical concepts like too many doughnuts–some people believe it exists, but I’ve never found it.


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