How does a government shut down?

The current news has me perplexed.  Seriously, how does a government shut down, especially one as supposedly sophisticated as ours?

Our local news had the countdown, in hours, displayed on the TV screen just when this shut down will take place if our politicians don’t reach an agreement about the budget.

That being said, what can we do about it now, besides worry about the consequences if a shut-down does take place?

The American people don’t need this added stress, especially now with all the other problems we are facing. It makes me wonder what’s more important to Capitol Hill; the welfare of its people or agreeing on how much to spend next year.

Let’s face it; other countries are probably looking at us and shaking their heads in disbelief.  How could a country such as the United States let itself fall to greed and childish behavior?

I have a solution; let’s fire all the politicians and start over with a better plan on how the United States should be run.  Obviously, the one we have isn’t working all that well.



  1. Well, one reason the government is messed up is that we sometimes insist on firing people who know things and electing those who don’t. Such as the fact that our current debt burden began when Reagan cut taxes and boosted spending, and that the solution (raise taxes and cut spending, especially military spending) isn’t hard to grasp, it’s just impossible to enact when one side refuses spending cuts and the other insists on tax cuts. Anyway, I think you eloquently express common frustration, but don’t propose much of a solution. Reminds me of a cartoon that ran in the Gazette recently:


    1. Loved the cartoon! I agree with you about the solution and the frustration. I’m just brainstorming…lol


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